0.4 Marks of your choice A2 size

Warm-up Mark-making Exercise 0.4 Marks of your choice A2 size soft*sharp*heavy*flowing*delicate*bold*fast*slow*agitated*steady* fluid*dry*multiple A preference for particular tools, effects and techniques became obvious as I worked through the earlier exercises. I chose a number of un/conventional tools, including paint brush, dip pen, scallop shell, muslin wrapped, graphite pencil, markers, cardboard cylinder and a cotton bud, to … Continue reading 0.4 Marks of your choice A2 size

0.3 Negative Marks

Warm-up Mark-making Exercise 0.3 Negative Marks Conventional/Unconventional tools Masking Fluid and Black Ink This is the very first time I have used masking fluid. What an exciting, surprising technique. Initially upon looking at the mask I was thinking the texture in the negative spaces would have an impact, but of course, when the mask was … Continue reading 0.3 Negative Marks

0.1 Marks with Conventional Tools

                                  https://twitter.com/Sit_And_Wait Warm-up Mark-making Exercise 0.1 Marks with conventional tools soft*sharp*heavy*flowing*delicate*bold*fast*slow*agitated*steady*fluid*dry*multiple Graphite Pencils I used a range of drawing techniques referencing ‘The Ultimate Drawing & Painting Technique Bible’ by Trudy Friend (2009), never having done anything like this previously. They included an on/off pressure stroke creating an agitated line. I preferred the softer grade pencils … Continue reading 0.1 Marks with Conventional Tools