Royal BC Museum

In September of this year I was lucky enough to visit Canada.  I visited the Royal BC Museum in Victoria on Vancouver Island and admired, among other objects, the Native Art. Hair Garland I was unsure whether to admire or be aghast at this item, probably both! This beautifully woven wreath is made from human … Continue reading Royal BC Museum

ebb & flow

In early October I viewed the annual exhibition of members’ work of The Embroiders Guild, Victoria. These delicate plates are made of paper finely embroidered with a wreath shaped design.  I like their lightness and simplicity and the circular embroidered design sits well inside the scalloped edge. I like the fullness of this ‘Summer Flowers’ … Continue reading ebb & flow


I had been following this 30 year old business via the internet over the past twelve months since I found out I was going to Vancouver on holidays and investigated textile places that might be of interest. Maiwa use organic cotton grown in India and natural dyes in their fabric production which is produced in … Continue reading MAIWA

Exercise 4.2 Customising a sketchbook Stage 1 Research and preparation

Elizabeth Blackadder  is a Scottish painter and printmaker who works with a range of media including oil paints, watercolour, drawing and printmaking. During the 1950s she travelled through Europe painting landscapes and Byzantine architecture mainly with brush, pen and ink.  These works not only captured the large scale of these structures but the detail also.  … Continue reading Exercise 4.2 Customising a sketchbook Stage 1 Research and preparation